An open letter to U.S. labor unions

Labor unions, please go to where you’re actually needed and can do a lot of good. HINT: you’re needed outside of the U.S.


Dear labor movement,

From weekends to child labor laws to improved wages and working conditions…America owes a lot to the labor union movement ( Labor unions have accomplished an important mission in the U.S. and we’re richer as a nation for your sacrifices.

But now that your mission is mainly accomplished here, you have worked yourself out of a useful job. Because you are trying to remain relevant in the U.S. well after you have successfully accomplished your mission, your continued operation in the U.S. has become a liability for you and the nation’s economic well being. Now, you’re just getting in the way. Even your still-diminishing membership knows this.

But do not despair, dear labor union movement, because there are so, so many other labor markets in the world that would be improved by you. APAC immediately comes to mind: China, Bangladesh. Eastern Europe. Africa…really, almost anywhere in the marginally developed, and the developing world. You are still very urgently needed.

With great respect and admiration, please consider your mission, dear labor movement, and consider where you are really needed. Where you can really make a difference.


A student of history

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