An open letter to France on Islamic terror

Seemingly, another Islamic terror attack.

Dear France,

My thoughts and heart are with you during this terrible time of loss immediately after the Charlie Hebdo attack and so many others. Some recent Islamic terrorist attacks in France include:

  • The Dijon car attack injuring 13 three weeks ago;
  • The man who stabbed 3 French police officers;
  • The Algerian man who killed 3 Jewish school children, a rabbi and three paratroopers in Toulouse in 2012;
  • The firebombing of the Charlie Hebdo office in November 2011.

First, please look to treat your injured, and bury your dead with respects. Then, dear France, your focus should change to the next business at hand. Rudyard Kipling famously said of the French: “Their business is war, and they do their business.”

Respectful to dear France and other European nations from which Jews have been expelled: yes, you screwed-up. Jews appreciate having a stable place in which to live unmolested. In return, Jews invest in educational and entrepreneurial pursuits. The results include professionals across the disciplines, investors, technologists…all of whom pay taxes and abide by local law. That’s what Spain had before the Inquisition. That’s what Germany had before the Shoa/ Holocaust. And that’s what France is now losing.

Look at concentrating slums of under-educated and unemployable persons who demand increasing public benefits, increased crime rates, not-to-be-assimilated public dependents who refuse to contribute to the overall well being of their host nation. Sharia zones. Look at Marseille. Look at the banlieues. Look at your neighbors in Belgium, Denmark (, the Netherlands…ever-growing populations of disaffected Muslims who aim to destroy their hosts nations. How many invest in learning the local language(s); how many assimilate? Look at the riots in Sweden. All opposed to the Enlightenment values of Europe. All eager to control women and oppress their neighbors.

Speculation abounds that is was Islamic terrorists who perpetrated the Charlie Hebdo attack. “According to eyewitnesses, the gunmen described themselves as members of al-Qaeda. Video footage shows one terrorist shouting the Takbir — “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”)”; indeed, “this may well have been a homegrown plot” ( We’ll see whether the evidence bears this out. I’m guessing that it will.

Now, dear France, please recall your heritage as warriors. Recall President Charles de Gaulleto regain your moral fiber, lest you become more vulnerable to the 5 million or so Muslims in France. Since 387 BC France has fought 168 major wars against the Roman Empire, the British Army, and the Turkish forces. In these disputes, France has won 109, lost 49. In WWII the French resistance was one of the most enduring symbols of Nazi opposition in Europe; the resistance blew up bridges, staged night raids, killed Nazi soldiers….

France, it’s time to address business at home. Ensure your national values of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité are the law of the land. Do not tolerate Sharia laws. Demand compliance with the law of the land. Deport those who do not have lawful stay on your shores. Curate your immigrant populations so that you’re not admitting your enemy into France.

With highest regards,

A student of history



One thought on “An open letter to France on Islamic terror”

  1. truth says:

    Boston bombings, Sidney cafe attack, Pakistan school attack, Indian bombings, then nigerian boko haram kidnappings, then charlie bobdo attacks.. and it goes on around the wprld with out end… as if there is a well coordinated world wide network of islamofacists.. but pimp leftists always cry… Muslims are peaceful people… do not know where the world is going.. sad to see instead of sympathizing with victims, leftists are sympathizing for terrorists and islamists

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