No civil jails for Charlie Hebdo terrorists; off to French Gitmo!

The U.S. should certainly keep Gitmo open! We’ll need it.

Does France have its Gitmo? 

Oh. They were “radicalized.” That makes it sounds as though these were mellow fellows until – <<slam!>> – Islam happened to them. They’re kinda like car accident victims – right?

(Funny, how “slam” looks like “Islam” there….)

“Cold-blooded, trained precision of three suspects”…who left behind their IDs in an abandoned get-away car?! Are French brothers Said Kouachi (43yo) and Cherif Kouachi (32yo) and Hamyd Mourad (18yo of indeterminate nationality at this time) stupid? Or did they simply not care?

And there’s a link to a Yemeni terrorist network. How unlikely….

The way that the Charlie Hebdo terrorists prepared (“advance surveillance, knew how to overcome the security systems and to arrive during the weekly editorial meetings when all the journalists, including the cartoonists they had targeted for insulting the prophet, would be present”) , dressed (“combat webbing holding Kalashnikov magazines”), moved (“moved carefully down the street, maintaining eye contact, and shot with discipline”), attacked (“moved carefully down the street, maintaining eye contact, and shot with discipline”)…it all points to experienced fighters ( “This is the double nightmare of Western security services. Trained jihadist terrorists, with Mideastern experience; native Europeans moving freely on the continent and speaking the local lingo” (

So, what is to be done about citizens who attack in this manner?

They should *not* be treated as ordinary criminals. After trial and conviction, they would go to jail, which would serve as a residential sabbatical with opportunities to recruit disenfranchised convicts to Islamic causes. Y’know: “radicalize” them.

They should be sent to the French equivalent of Gitmo…or set-up one soon.

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