“Feelings” require that illegal immigration be remedied with Green Cards that lead to U.S. citizenship – NOT!

In comments to many articles (e.g., A Judge Just Blocked Obama’s Immigration Plans. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take His Ruling Seriously), Liberals heartily advocated that illegal immigration be remedied by awarding lawful U.S. immigration benefits to illegals. E.g.,

What exactly are you afraid of? Why does it have to be giving away citizenship? Why can’t it be earned? We can’t be talking about just the illegal activity – if so most corporations would be kicked out of the country not to mention a good portion of politicians that are complicit in their activity.

The funny thing about this argument is that if they were actually citizens they would tend to support right wing ideology in which you seem to be in favor of. They are a majority Catholic, hard working, self reliant people that believe in family and God. Makes one wonder the motivation behind the hatred.

It seems that the position of Liberals and other advocates for illegals gaining lawful U.S. immigration benefits is that “all the supporting evidence in the world does not matter.” This reasoning is fatally flawed. This position amounts to “I have feelings, so facts are optional.” In other words, doing “nice” or “altruistic” things – such as  giving away lawful U.S. immigration benefits to illegals – reinforces their self-view of being kind and benevolent people. So, facts and positions that contradict or threaten that glowing self-view are discarded. 

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the existence of facts do not rely on the opinion of the ignorant.

Yes, feelings and all that. But to earnestly vet our way through immigration as a nation, all Americans (meaning voters, which by definition are exclusively U.S. citizens) from all political stripes need to engage in discourse based on reality. Based on facts. It’s not a Kumbaya-singing marshmallow roast around a campfire. Feelings have a place, but making law and policy requires making some hard decisions as to the direction and identity of our great nation in the world today.

Ignorance abounds. When Liberals and advocates for illegals are plainly wrong, they do not remain open to facts nor reasoning, because “feelings.” Views and facts are discredited, because they are not “liked.” That makes facts optional in such reasoning.

Let’s talk about facts and hard decisions. There are three main considerations: Temporary Protected Status (TPS, CIS web page on TPS) and Deferred Action for Child Arrivals/ Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DACA and DAPA, respectively, DHS November 20, 2014 memo in re: DACA and DAPA):

  1. Benefit law-breaking illegals ahead of so many others – especially U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents – who abide by rule of law,
  2. Undermine foundational rule of law in the U.S., and
  3. Undermine the purpose of U.S. immigration as rewarding lawful immigration that directly supports U.S. economic power and humanitarian concerns under under a refugee/ asylee policy grounded in law.

Each is discussed below.


Long-long-term stays on TPS, together with DACA/ DAPA, amount to a resounding slap in the face of so, so many! By supporting TPS and DACA/ DAPA, advocates place the interests of illegals well above and before all of the groups described below:

  • The low to medium-skill U.S. workers who are struggling to gain employment in a labor market that is squeezing-out automatable and outsourcable jobs. Many of these unemployed are men. Many are Millennials who are having a hard time gaining footing in the job market. Many of these are black Americans.
  • The thousands who are following the lawful process for gaining a stay in the U.S.
  • The employers who are seeking to lawfully reform immigration in the U.S. to focus on the high skill/ high education, English-speaking foreigners who are amenable to lead productive and happy lives in the U.S.
  • Those who lawfully merit asylee/ refugee status in the U.S. Or have you not noticed that the world is facing possibly the largest ever population of displaced persons?
  • Law enforcement at the border, as well as within the interior.
  • Local tax payers who support school systems that are not allowed to exclude the undocumented/ illegals.
  • Federal tax payers who support SS and other means-tested public benefits for which these undocumented/ illegals invariably will apply in the event that they later (UGH!) gain Green Cards/ citizenship. All this while SS fund is facing insolvency and the growth of these means-tested programs is not contained.
  • State and local tax payers who support all sorts of governmental programs (some are means-tested) for which eligibility would be available to the DACA/ DAPA/ amnesty crowd of illegals/ undocumented.
  • Hospitals and other healthcare providers who are not paid by patients for providing medical services to those who cannot pay, a portion of whom are the undocumented/ illegals.


By definition, “immigrant” is someone who is granted that status under law. It is not an aspirant entrant who does not fit the requirements for any visa program. TSP and DACA/ DAPA place illegals in a legal netherworld, deemed-not-be-be-deportable-now, under an executive fiat process outside of the Constitution, without law-making with Congres, and without APA public notice and comment (go Texas v. U.S.!). Permitting TPS and DAPA/ DACA to exist means that a president can single-handedly make law, as a despot or monarch without parliament would. It brings us back to pre-Constitution, pre-Magna Carta times.

“But what about ‘earned citizenship’ for illegals?! That’s fair! Right?” No, it’s not. The U.S. is not like a McDonald’s, where anyone can be illegal, stand in line with a promise to pay U.S. taxes in the future, to later collect their U.S. passport. “Earning citizenship” means that you:

  1. Enter the U.S. lawfully,
  2. Pay U.S. taxes as they are due, and
  3. Abide by local law.

But the sad fact is that these illegals are here, and something must be done. I outlined some solutions here.

The world has international borders among sovereign nations for real reasons. Borders maintain a basis for rule of law. The U.S. is a sovereign nation. One of the most powerful on earth. The privileges and immunities of U.S. citizenship are many, and are *exclusive* to citizens. Period. Non-citizens may remain in the U.S. subject to our laws. Aside from citizens, *no one* – NO ONE – is owed any U.S. visa benefits outside of law. Otherwise, why have international borders among sovereign nations?

Or is that the point? The creation of some utopian no-borders world…where countries amount to a sorry collection of failed states? No, thank you.


TPS and DACA/ DAPA amount to uncurated “mass immigration.” Legal immigration is the antithesis of “mass immigration.” Through lawful immigration the U.S. gets to curate the entrants, limiting them to those who contribute to the U.S. economic engine that helps our nation remain atop the world.

It is not only in the U.S. that genius occurs, that entrepreneurialism occurs. The U.S. enjoys the ilks of Apple and Google and others because of lawful immigration (e.g., The Economist, “Those huddled masses”) Legal immigration = economic benefits (e.g., Manhattan Institute, “The Economic Benefits of Immigration”).

These TSP and DACA/ DAPA beneficiaries lack the skill sets, education and other capital that build the Apples and Googles of the world. If these beneficiaries had such attributes, they would have qualified for the many, many lawful immigration visa programs offered in the U.S.

In closing, it took hundreds of years to build our great nation. It took wars. It took *enormous* sacrifices and investments. It required that Americans face seemingly insurmountable odds…and somehow (so far) we have triumphed. This is why U.S. citizenship is so valuable. And why is should *not* be given away so easily to law-breakers that promise to be macro-drains to U.S. economic power.

P.S., go Texas v. U.S.!

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